Custom Turkey Calls by Bill Crowell


Hi, my name is Bill Crowell and I am the designer and creator of custom turkey calls.  Each turkey call is created with the turkey hunter in mind.  When the turkey hunter is planning a trip into the turkey woods, hopefully he will be carrying one of my calls.

custom turkey calls - pot callsOver the last ten years I have designed several different styles of turkey calls.  About three years ago, I settled on one specific designed pot turkey call.  The interior dimensions, pedestal configuration and sound hole pattern collectively contribute to make the most realistic hen turkey sounds.  Add the furniture quality finish and you have a turkey call that you want to take to the woods and be proud to show any of your hunting buddies.

Each call comes with a striker that was constructed and selected for that particular call.  After talking with customer, I will select a striker that achieves the sound they desire.  While it is the sharp, high, clear cluck of a young hen or the raspy sound of that old, dominate hen.

Custom turkey calls are available in most domestic woods with either a glass, slate, aluminum, copper or ceramic striker surface and either a glass, wood, or slate soundboard.  Exotic woods are also available based on inventory or availability.  Price can vary based on wood selected and soundboard chosen.  Solid wood and laminated strikers are available for each wood selected.  The combination of a ceramic striker surface, a glass soundboard and a laminated striker produces a realistic turkey sound.

Two sided pots are also available with slate, glass or ceramic primary striker surface and either glass or slate secondary striker surface.  The adding of a second striker surface gives the caller the option of two turkey sounds while using one call and one striker.  Additionally, the two sounds will be slightly different and thus sound like two different hens.

Personalized calls are also available with either pictures or logos visible on the primary side and either slate or glass on the secondary side.  A gift of a call depicting a special hunt, event or company logo adds that personal touch and can create fond memories.

Custom Turkey Calls for Successful Hunting - Bill CrowellPlease go to the section on photos and view some of the calls I have made and photos of successful hunters who have used one of my calls to harvest that elusive big tom.  Customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

Please take the time to review my website on business card holders and call stands.  You can find this at  You will be pleased with the design and high quality of the craftsmanship.

Thanks for visiting my website.  Feel free to contact me to acquire one of my custom, one of a kind products.