Trumpet Calls


Trumpet calls are similar in operation to a wing bone call.  Both calls are air operated and require an amount of time in learning how to use.   However, once mastered, the reward will be great in the turkey woods.   Of all the calls I have used, I think the soft clucks and yelps coming out of a trumpet are the most realistic sounds I have heard.

Most trumpet calls are made of a dense wood.  This helps to provide a crisp, sharp sound that is effective in calling in that shy, boss gobbler.

All trumpets are custom turned one at a time out of highest selected quality wood.   Ferrules are also turned one at a time and are available in either aluminum, copper or brass.  Mouth pieces are available in delrin, deer or buffalo.

I will carry two different trumpets with me this spring.  They just add another sound to carry in my vest.  Not all hunters carry a trumpet and this will give you an advantage over the other hunters in the woods.  Again, this is a difficult call to master, but the reward is well worth the effort.